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Areias Systems Engineering Estimation Database

When Areias Systems approached us to inquire about making improvements to their existing Materials Resource Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning applications, they knew their existing, expensive, cumbersome SQL application was failing to give them the insights they needed to be able to properly estimate lead times and costs for individual and incremental custom orders.

Areias Systems prototypes, engineers, and manufactures high-tech, bespoke electrical & mechanical machinery on their 20,000sqft production floor. It cannot be understated how critical proper time and cost estimation is to delivering value to their customers.

Areias Systems knew they wanted better insights and contracted with Human-ISM to deliver.

What Areias didn't know was:

  • We could develop a custom application in 3 months that would directly tie into their existing applications and be able to utilize all of their existing custom reports, calculations, and forecasting models
  • This application could provide key insights into productivity per production floor assembler, QA tester, and engineering oversight review.
  • The application could be delivered in a modern web application that could be easily opened on any employees' phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Areias Systems had previously evaluated dozens of other web based project management and time-tracking applications, yet none of the existing off-the-shelf applications could:

  • Seamlessly tie into their existing MRP application
  • Provide the unique features they were looking for to enable rapid, easy entry of time, and to allocate that time to dozens of unique tasks for each project:
    • Without requiring a full time project manager to manually define the project hierarchy, and
    • Without requiring each project to be added by the manager before any employee could enter time for the project

With our custom application, Human-ISM was able to deliver great improvements in time entry by enabling QR-code and barcode scanning of projects directly into the application, so that hundreds of thousands of projects can be entered without requiring a slow, manual search of the existing project database.

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Time Estimation Admin Dashboard

Excellent job in spec’ing this project, and great to see it come to fruition through Human-ISM's team. Thanks to both of you."
- Declan O'Connor, Areias Systems Inc.

ERP Dashboard
3D Schematic

LaserLight Photographics ERP Production Database

When LaserLight Photographics came to us with the idea for revamping their existing production database system in order to accurately track hundreds of thousands of source and production images stored on thousands of optical and internal media, we developed a complete system from scratch that integrated all customer, ordering, inventory and production data.

Over 100,000 individual lines of jumbled image number, customer number, order number, date and description fields had to be extracted out of the existing flat-file spreadsheet and parsed into the new ERP system.

In just one day we compiled 11 unique extraction procedures to properly categorize each text field automatically into atomic values, and imported all 100,000 lines into the new database.

Once complete, the new database enabled LaserLight to gain new insights into customer history and preferences, and deliver tailored advertising and pricing information.

This design was created to provide quick and easy access to all of the product and customer information with the least amount of navigation required, all in a simple, well-organized layout. Each section of the database is themed in a different color to provide non-verbal cues, saving valuable screen real estate.

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We have extremely high standards of production and customer satisfaction, and the team at Human-ISM is critical in helping us deliver that.
Our system comprises many office computers and specialized hardware and software, but they took over maintenance easily. They continue to make sure our systems are running in top performance, and have made our complicated tasks easier."
- William Nordstrom, LaserLight Photographics

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Working with these systems is simpler and much more straight-forward thanks to you guys. The auction was a success thanks to your hard work. I don't know what I'd do without your help. You really provide terrific support!" - Maya Wilson, Steve Wilson Music

High-Availability Communications for Expert Semiconductor Technology, Inc.

When Expert Semiconductor Technology Inc. (ExperTech) moved into their new 75,000ft factory, they approached us to implement a new, highly-available, highly-connected converged data and voice network.

After evaluating their unique location and available options, a redundant multi-WAN failover network connection with a VLAN and QoS differentiated voice backbone was delivered to provide true fault-tolerance even in the face of ISP failure or voice SIP trunking failure. Utilizing advanced cloud-based service monitoring and on-site load-balancing firewalls, ExperTech now enjoys a 100% increase in service reliability, all at 1/2 the cost of a traditional enterprise T1/PRI connection.

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Exceptional Customer Service with Integrated Call Center & Helpdesk

Human-ISM has always been at the leading edge of integrating software. When we decided to deploy a new phone system, we knew it had to deliver three things for us:

  • Everywhere Access
  • Tight integration to our Helpdesk and CRM software
  • Advanced call center call-routing and reporting

We needed everywhere access because our job means we could be in a server closet and still need to make and receive calls, and have staff from the main office be able to route calls to us and see our status instantly.

We needed our system to automatically create service tickets for incoming and outgoing calls, to track time on calls, and to attach those details and call recordings to each ticket.

We needed the system to allow us to intelligently route incoming calls to staff groups according to their availability, to monitor call pickup times, and to be able to route to our emergency support system.

We also wanted our support staff to have instant information at hand regarding a caller's recent support tickets, sales history, and client notes for each call.

We ended up evaluating over 20 different off-the-shelf products and personally evaluated 6 different options for integrating our systems together. The end result? A phone system that saves us hours of work every day, and allows us to focus on helping you, not dealing with our phone & helpdesk software.

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Legal Document Management for City Attorney's Office

Even for a small law firm, document management can mean dealing with hundreds of pieces of paper every day - enough to require a full-time law-clerk just to organize and file documents. For larger firms, the task becomes monumental. Due to regulatory requirements, law firms must keep multiple copies and locked-copies of final submitted documents. Most small-firm document management systems are restricted to a single three-tiered organization scheme that's designed to keep organizational schemes simple. However, civil departments need to organize documents much differently than other types of small firms, as often-times a single client is separated into unique organization departments with specific security and management procedures.

Human-ISM recently spearheaded a custom document management system built on top of the industry-leading Microsoft Sharepoint platform. Sharepoint allows the necessary audit-trail, document-versioning, cloud-access, deep search capabilities, and fine-grained security management that modern law-firms need to enable their attorneys to work without requiring assistants to keep up with mundane document organization.

Microsoft Sharepoint also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word & Outlook using off-the-shelf plugins, delivering a complete document management system at a fraction of the cost of existing enterprise systems.

By formalizing the document and form workflow, document libraries of hundreds of thousands of documents can be instantly re-organized through a department, as each document is tagged with any relevant information, such as content type, client, or matter information.

Anywhere access and instant searching are standard.

Finding files becomes much faster as you can choose which documents you are looking for easily. In addition, the integration of Microsoft Office templates allows the pre-population of fields based on the document template.

Integration with Colligo Contributor allows offline access and integration with the Windows Explorer file tree, as well as access to Sharepoint from within Microsoft Outlook for easier management of email in Sharepoint.

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Cost-Effective Web Design & Marketing for LEARN Speech Therapy

LEARN Speech Therapy provides services for adults and children, and their website needed to reflect the compassionate and professional services they provide, without breaking the bank.

Over 50% of people start their search for new businesses online. Delivering deep analytics and Search Engine Optimization technologies help LEARN Speech Therapy discover how, where, and why their customers interact with them online.

In order to allow LEARN to easily update, modify, and add to their website and blog, this site is powered by WordPress so that LEARN can use simple WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing tools that are built-in, and free.

We closely matched the website to LEARN's existing business cards and gave them a new logo to match. Thousands of additional features are also available via add-ins, including e-commerce, forums, mapping and anti-spam contact forms.

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