Our Values Define Us

Passion. Curiosity. Communication. People.


Doing good work may be its own reward, but we believe in inspiring our team to reach for big problems to solve.

Technology is infinitely complex and there are most likely one hundred ways to accomplish any task, but we judge our success on how well we can apply lessons learned to future problems, and adapt our technologies to better fit our customers' needs.


We dedicate 20% of our engineers' time to researching new technologies and implementing them in our state-of-the-art internet and data center lab environment. Only when a technology meets our exacting standards do we make it available to you.


We believe that effective communication with our customers means more than just telling them when something is broken. It means being truthful about problems, and working with customers until we make it right.

We also utilize technology to more effectively communicate with customers and employees by providing service issue updates in the medium our customers prefer: via email, phone, or SMS text.

We know that technology is too complex for any one person to know everything. We have an open-door policy for all staff to be able to ask each other for advise, information, or just a second opinion. Open communication is critical to our success every day.


Technology is too often faceless. Technology doesn't work without the dedication of designers, engineers, coders, testers, system integrators, technicians, and end-users.

We think nobody wants to wait in a call center queue, or chat with a python script. Our job is to make employees' jobs easier, and that doesn't end with a fixed printer.

Whatever we can do to make our employees and customers have an enjoyable experience with us and technology, we'll do it!

Our Leadership Team


Nate Cartwright

Leadership Areas

  • Enterprise Software Engineering
  • Database Development
  • Fault-Tolerant Services
  • Legal Practice Management
  • Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure
  • Converged Voice / Video
  • Enterprise Wireless


Michael George

Leadership Areas

  • ERP Systems
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Network Security
  • Military Communications
  • Business Process Automation
  • Software Deployment


James Taylor

Leadership Areas

  • Cloud Software Development
  • Finance & Accounting Systems
  • Disruptive Business Innovation
  • Global Collaboration
  • Business Operations Leadership
  • Enterprise Hardware

Looking to join a dynamic team of technology wizards?

We're always looking for the best and brightest minds in technology - people who understand the importance of superb communication and customer service and have the talent to meld technology with business. If you want to be excited to learn something new all day long, and work in a close-knit group of positive, supportive people - let's talk!