Why choose Human-ISM as your business technology & security partner?

We Put Business Ahead of Technology

Improving your bottom line is our top priority. We're continually evaluating new technology, and we deliver the best technology to give you the competitive edge you need.

We're Committed To Quality

We still believe that the customer is always right. We partner with the best technology providers to deliver rock-solid results, and we deliver on-time and within-budget.

All-Inclusive Flat-Rate Services

For one flat rate we include all the critical technology your business needs to protect itself from disaster, while working with you to develop a long-term technology plan to enable you to make more informed decisions and deliver next generation experiences to your employees and customers.

True 24x7 Service Monitoring & Remediation

We don't just have an on-call level 1 re-active technician that might call you back. We staff pro-active network & application engineers 24x7 that respond immediately to service outages around the clock.

We manage technology across every device, customer, employee, service, and use case


Secure Roaming

Proactively manage & secure your company's mobile devices & applications

  • Develop & deliver consistent mobile app experiences for employees and customers across every device
  • Secure enterprise devices with remote Wipe, Lock, & Locate devices
  • Enforce Security Passcodes & Encryption
  • Deploy Email, VPN & Wi-Fi profiles
  • Enable Secure Email & Secure Browsing
  • Comply with Security Reporting requirements
  • Detect Root Access & Jailbreaking

Desktop / Laptop

Complete Endpoint Device & Application Support

We'll take care of your workstations so you can take care of business

  • Support employees & customers with 24x7 Helpdesk
  • Develop & deliver integrated applications that extend your existing investments in legacy desktop applications and services
  • Access computers, printers, and data everywhere with Secure Remote Control software without configuring or managing a complex VPN
  • Deliver automatic OS & Software patches
  • Protect with 99.9% Malware detection and removal rate
  • Recover with Universal Backup & Restore to any hardware
  • Deliver automatic OS & Software patches
  • Grow quickly with included New Employee & New Equipment onboarding & deployment


24x7 Managed Services

Deliver highly scalable, bulletproof, and more economical enterprise services

  • Gain an edge with faster time to market with custom applications with Rapid Application Development and continuous deployment
  • Sleep soundly at night with scalable SQL & Application hosting & deployment
  • Respond faster with true 24x7 network engineer monitored and managed service availability
  • Recover faster with 15-minute Instant-Recovery Backup & Replication
  • Protect your data with 99.9% Malware detection & removal included
  • Prepare for disaster with dedicated local caching services and on-premise spare hardware

Enterprise Network

Industry Certified Networks

Deliver enterprise-class connectivity at a small-business price

  • Global-scale secure networking across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud
  • Multi-WAN Failover & Load-balancing for every physical site
  • VoIP & Quality of Service
  • Multicast Voice & Video
  • Perimeter Security, Anti-Malware & Gateway Intrusion Prevention
  • Port-Security & Access Control
  • VLAN & Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Multipath Switching & RSTP
  • Cisco, HP, Palo Alto, Check Point & Dell/EMC Equipment & Support

We deliver big-business features at a small business price point

Seamlessly integrate the best of cost-effective open-source technology and bulletproof enterprise platforms
Together, we can build tomorrow's technology, today

Enterprise resource monitoring and reporting

We've invested heavily in advanced real-world performance testing and service availability monitoring to find and resolve problems before users even report an issue. Our extensive redundancy and reliability technologies keep your business and your services running even in the wake of catastrophic failures. We put 15 years of best-practices to work to deliver technology that is less expensive to install, configure, and maintain.

Our Services

Automatic network design mapping & on-boarding

Our automatic network mapping tools and automatic device discovery tools give us a deep understanding of your network without having to add each individual device manually. We perform regular device discovery audits to find unknown and unsecured devices on your network.

Our services

Accelerate your Business into the 21st Century

You don't have to be left behind, no matter your budget

Questions and answers

1Do you also offer traditional break-fix consulting services?
Yes, many new clients prefer to purchase services or support on an hourly basis. We bundle all of the critical anti-virus, anti-spam, backup, and monitoring software and services into all our flat-rate plans because we think having one bill is simpler and allows businesses to understand what they're paying for.
2Do you offer discounts to existing flat-rate customers?
Yes, all flat-rate customers also receive discounts on all other services that fall outside of a given Service Level Agreement or retainer. We work with each client on a flat-rate plan to develop a strategic 5-year technology plan to make technology investments that deliver the most return on investment.
3What if my company just wants one (or more) a-la-carte services?
Give us a call and we can tailor a custom quote for just the services and support your company needs. Many of our clients have internal staff to handle some part of their technology, and we work hand-in-hand with them every day to deliver better and more cost-effective technology by providing unique expertise and strategic solutions.


We utilize state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure in world-class data centers to deliver the right fit for your business, whether it's on-premise, private-cloud, hybrid-cloud, or public cloud servers and services. Find out how we put technology to work to solve unique business challenges.

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